BABY CATERPILLAR - Merino & Cotton Blanket

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Time for bed, sleepyhead..

All our beautiful blankets can be used in the nursery or when you are out and about, as they will hold up well to the rough and tumble lifestyle of a toddler.

Our Blanket Design:

Our blankets are made to match our beautiful Winter merino sleeping bags.  We use two layers of pure, natural fabrics - one side is ultra-warm merino, and the other side is soft brushed cotton, then we bind both together to form the purest merino and cotton bedding around. 

  • Outside layer - 100% brushed cotton for added softness, breathability and durability.  Cotton is also extremely easy to take care of.
  • Inside layer- Is knitted soft terry loop pure 100% merino, which provides efficient, lightweight insulation and comfort.
  • The blanket is sized to fit perfectly as a travel blanket or in the car, capsule or bassinet - 93cm x 65cm

Why should I use Merino?

  • When used against your babies skin it will help absorb and release moisture and trap or circulate air as needed to regulate the temperature. 

  • Merino will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in the summertime. 

  • Merino is an ideal fabric to use if you suffer from skin sensitivity and because it is natural it is the perfect loving touch.