COMFORTZONE Natural Remedies Aloe Vera Gel 95%

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Face & Body Organic Leaf Juice

An effective lenitive action combined with hydrating action for optimal skin balance. Aloe vera has recognized refreshing and soothing properties to give hydration to the skin.In case of redness, after lengthy sun exposure and after shaving.
Ideal also to restore hydration after flights, during sudden changes of temperature and while living and working indoors.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Product Ingredients

  • Rehydrated powder of organic aloe vera
  • Argan oil from fair-trade

95% of ingredients of natural origin


    BENEFITS Product Benefits

    • Lenitive action.
    • Refreshing.
    • Hydrating action.
    • Optimal skin balance.

      HOW TO USE: 

      • Apply to skin where necessary and massage in until completely absorbed.


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