COMFORTZONE Remedy Cream to Oil Cleanser

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Ultra Gentle Cleanser

Innovative texture that transforms during its use. The initial phase, which is creamy and easily massaged, mechanically removes the impurities. The oily phase, which completes the cleansing, leaves the skin soft and velvety.
For skin that is sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness. Ideal also for dry, dehydrated skins and harsh climates.


 formulative philosophy

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Product Ingredients

  • Marula oil
97% natural-origin ingredients

BENEFITS Product Benefits

  • Fragrance-Free.
  • No Surfactants, No Sles.
  • Dermal Affinity Cleansing .
  • Transforming Texture.
  • Silicone-Free. 

        HOW TO USE: 

        • The product is very concentrated and therefore only a small amount is required.
        • Apply directly to dry skin and massage with circular movements to favor the transformation phase.
        • Remove with warm water, avoiding contact with the eyes.
        • Apply Remedy toner and cream or defense cream after use.  


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